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Federal highway BR116 is an industrial artery which stretches from Fortaleza on Brazils north-eastern coast south Child prostitute, Lilian, rescued by the Pink
Child prostitution near Rio Olympics 2016 athletes village
Fortaleza is a major city on Brazils northeast coast, and the capital of Ceará state.
Surviving the favelas of Fortaleza - Nomad & Villager
A trip with a taxi through the slums of Brazils most violent city of Fortaleza to investigate child prostitution ends up with an police investigation.
Brazil: The World Cup of exploited children - WELT
Fortaleza ([foʁtaˈlezɐ], locally [fɔɦtaˈlezɐ], Portuguese for Fortress) is the state capital of Ceará, located in Northeastern Brazil. It belongs to the
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prostitute a fortaleza Young girls prostitute themselves every night for a merciless 2,700-mile stretch of road spearing up the coast of Brazil from Rio de Janerio to Fortaleza,
Child prostitutes on Brazils Highway to Hell BR-116
A blog post about Nightlife, Dating and Girls in Fortaleza, Brazil!
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Prostitutes in Fortaleza are wearing Brazil shirts to
Prostitution in Fortaleza and Prostitution in Fortaleza: Like it or not, Fortaleza has grown into the Brazilian gringo prostitution capital. (At least by repuatation.
Brazils sex tourism boom - BBC News
Former child prostitute Lisa from Fortaleza says that more and more children are forced into selling their bodies
Fortaleza Travel Blog — My Latin Life
Pia first started working as a prostitute at the age of seven, Image caption The city of Fortaleza has been carrying out relentless clean-up operations
Mondiali e prostituzione minorile. Business allombra …
prostitute a fortaleza Brazilian journalist André Uzêda has posted pictures on his blog on UOL showing how prostitutes in Fortaleza are trying to attract business from tourists.
Prostitutes work place - stay somewhere else!!! - …
The BR-116 runs for 4600km between the World Cup stadium host city Fortaleza in the far north of Brazil was working an 11-year-old prostitute when she died
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7 Things to Know about Brazil Prostitution. (a famous ex-prostitute and and Northeast and the established tourist destinations like Fortaleza and

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  • The national legislations on trafficking in human beings and the related provisions
  • Good practices of prevention of trafficking and assistance and integration of trafficked persons
  • A proposal for a European monitoring system on trafficking phenomena and interventions
  • A transnational database of private and public organisations engaged in the anti-trafficking field
  • The Headway publication
  • The reports of the activities implemented
  • and much more...

  • Estonia: Integration of Women Involved in Prostitution into the Labour Market (EE-6)
  • Italy: Osservatorio e Centro Risorse sul Traffico di Esseri Umani (IT-IT-S2-MDL-258)
  • Poland: IRIS - Social and Vocational Reintegration of Women - Victims of Trafficking (PL-11)
  • Portugal: Cooperao-Aco-Investigao-Mundiviso (PT-2004-047).
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